​​​​​  " We believe the more a child experiences nature, cares for animals, and expresses themselves artistically, the more they  will connect  to others in a deeper Soulful way.  This Connection fosters empathic understanding and affirms the Knowing that as we are uniquely ourselves, ultimately... we are all One. "

Horse Riding Lesson (one Lesson per week, per child, age 8+)
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Roundpen Lesson ONE camper (age 8+) add sibling in shopping cart
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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​2020 SUMMER CAMPs

​​Wild Kid Horse & Nature Camp!  Age 5 to 7

by Tribal Wisdom Academy at Los Gatos Farms 


Age 5 to 7 
(Age 5 by May 1st)
$540. 5-day Mon-Fri 
Choose 9am-2:30pm or 10am-3:30pm 
Includes Cold-Metalworking and Wild Kid Friday 
(Optional aftercare until 5pm)

​Come experience fun outdoor adventures with friendly farm animals and professional Tribal Wisdom Academy Mentors! Your child will explore and learn about nature among the oaks and redwoods. Every day of the week offers a variety of fun activities including hugging chickens, giggling with baby goats, and walking the miniature horse. TWA Mentors lead group games, nature hikes and daily take-home crafts. Campers will blaze their way through our private mountain forest ranch during scavenger hunts and redwood forest creek walks. Kids will build forts and tree swings. Summer camp is a great way to make new friends and memories that will last a lifetime. WILD KID FRIDAY is a special event day which adds Tie-dye shirt crafting and the new Cowboy BB-gun Arcade. Join us on this incredible summer camp experience! One pony ride is included.

Adventure Maker Camp!  Age 8 to 12+
by Tribal Wisdom Academy  

Age 8 to 12+ 
$540. 5-day Mon-Fri 
Choose 9am-2:30pm or 10am-3:30pm 
Includes Wednesday Blacksmithing 
(Optional aftercare until 5pm)

Optional Horse Care Class for ages 8+ is $40.

Or a 1-hour Horse Riding Lesson for only $75.

Our "Adventure Maker" Big Kids use real tools to make a daily take-home Maker Project, build treehouses together, construct rope ziplines and swings, experience prehistoric living skills, barter with tribal coins, throw Tomahawks, shoot bows, cook on a campfire, and make their own creative inventions.

The TWA  deep forest Adventureland is the daycamp home for hundreds local children every summer. Join the adventure. Be the village. Get the emotional and physical skills required to thrive in any world future. 

Wild Kids (age 5-7) have an appropriate younger kid version of our Big Kid camp that includes daily time with horses and farm animals. 

2020 dates for the above two camps, all ages: 
Week #1. June 1-5

Week #2. June 8-12
Week #3. June 15-19
Week #4. June 22-26
Week #5 June 29-Jul 3
Week #6. July 6-10
Week #7. July 13-17
Week #8. July 20-24
Week #9. July 27-31
Week #10. Aug 3-7

Week #11. Aug 10-14 

Week #12. Aug 17-21

Week #13. Aug 24-28

Plus we have Week #14 to #21 after-school Camps available in Sept/Oct.

Text Ben 24/7 if you have any questions for the ABOVE camps: 408-898-8177. 

Visit www.tribalwisdomacademy.com for full details.

     Looking for HORSE CAMP???

Sign up for  ArtEquisKIDS and ADD Riding & Round Pen lessons!

ArtEquisKIDS           Ages 8-12 yrs.  
9am to 1pm                                                                               
Mon, Tues, Wed, and Thurs   =   $380 

The Art of Horsemanship -  Being an equestrian artist is about a lot more than just riding a horse. It’s about understanding how a horse thinks, learning how they move and communicate and building trust by speaking their language.  Activities include: “Catching”/haltering, grooming/care, leading/handling, working at liberty in the round pen.

The Art of Expression - Inspired from their connection with the horses, campers can express themselves artistically, choosing from a plethora of mediums to create unique paintings, art projects, and performances.

Go to ArtEquis.com and click on ArtEquisKIDS Camp for more details and registration information!

Check out ArtEquis Counselor-in-Training Camp for ages 13 to 15 years.

Summer Camp Riding Lessons 


​​Lessons in Roundpen and "Join-Up"

(not a riding lesson. This lesson gives campers an opportunity to work with a horse one-on-one in a small corral, learning true horse communication, earning trust, and establishing leadership.)

Email toni@losgatosfarms.com to reserve your lesson times.

Email Toni Kent at


or by phone at 408-771-6077