​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​2022 SUMMER CAMPs

Wild Kid Horse & Nature Camp!  Age 5 to 7
by Tribal Wisdom Academy  


​(For kids turning age 5 to 7 anytime during 2022) 

​In this epic two-week day camp, your kids will enjoy a quarter of each day with friendly farm animals and Los Gatos Farms Counselors, like checking out the chickens, giggling with the goats, and grooming the mini donkeys. And a special feature is a tethered horse ride during your child's first week, and a Barn Dance with the horses during your child's second week. Then for three-quarters of each day the Tribal Wisdom Academy Mentors will lead Natural Science Hikes in our private forest estate, with half of each day at the Big Kid Camp for adventures at an age-appropriate Tool Town and their own Fort City. Plus each FRIDAY is a special event day which adds a marshmallow campfire and a BB-gun Arcade.  Join us on this incredible summer camp experience! Your child will make new friends and build memories that will last a lifetime. (Note that a one-week option is available for kids who have not yet experienced spending whole days outdoors). 

Adventure Maker Camp!  Age 8 to 10
by Tribal Wisdom Academy  


“Adventure Maker Camp” is for the “Big Kids”! (your child’s 8th through 10th birthday is anytime during 2022). We call these campers “Big Kids” because they are learning to use a large variety of real tools in their own treehouse village. Each cohort has an outdoor woodshop and a daily take-home project with their own team of adult Mentors. Adventure Maker Camps are mostly in 2-week sessions during the 10 weeks of summer. This camp is considered the ultimate experience in actual human childhood by our camp families. And your family’s big kids will be begging to attend more than 2-weeks, so please register early. Kids will do NEW 2022 take-home Maker Projects in the 2-week program, and can do advanced projects if attending 4 or 5 weeks. Each day at camp, the Mentors will listen to what each child is trying to create, and we will mentor your child towards making it happen with their new camp friends.

Tribal Wisdom Alumni Camp(your child’s 11th or 12th birthday is anytime during 2022, and your child must have attended Tribal Wisdom Academy in 2020 or 2021). 

Alumni Campers have their own team of adult Mentors in their own cohort of 24 kids. Together they take command of the Alumni Treehouse Village, they build big projects, or invent their own daily take-home projects. During camp some alumni may choose an internship as an MIT (Mentor-in-Training), or open a camp business, or choose to get a job in the Tribal Government. Alumni Camps are 1-week at a time. Choose any week or any combination of weeks. Alumni are mentored towards being good examples to the younger kids and to take responsibility for their own success in life.

These day camps are epic human childhood at its best! Please see the camp videos. Text Ben and Claire at 408-898-8177 if you have questions. 

In the heart and experience of your child, Tribal Wisdom Camps allow your child to rediscover the forest village life from which our species originates. Historically and still today it truly takes a village to raise a child, with the space to learn by doing, and the experience of making mistakes which leads to developmental success. The advantage of traditional human mind/body/social/emotional human development through analog experience is priceless.

ADULTS: Get a great summer job! Our Alumni campers from years past who are now ages 16+ may apply for an Internship. And adults, like retired teachers, parents, and college students may apply to become a well paid TWA Summer Mentor, June 4 to August 19, or minimally June 9 to August 12. See the Job Page HERE.

Text Claire 24/7 if you have any questions for the ABOVE camps: 408-898-8177. 

Visit www.tribalwisdomacademy.com for full camp details.

     Looking for a HORSE CAMP???
Sign up for Wild Kid or Adventure Maker Camps or Alumni Camps and Add 

​             Horseback Riding & Round Pen Lessons!

Summer Camp Riding Lessons ​: $75 per 1 hour lesson

​​Lessons in Roundpen and "Join-Up": $50 per 1 hour lesson

(Roundpen is not a riding lesson. This gives campers an opportunity to work with a horse one-on-one in a small corral, learning true horse communication, earning trust, and establishing leadership.)

Email toni@losgatosfarms.com to reserve these lesson times.
                Horse QUESTIONS?

Email Toni Kent at


or by phone at 408-771-6077

Tribal Wisdom Academy Day Camp
​CPP - Covid Prevention Program summary  [Updated in January 2022]

  • Staff in 2022 will again help to make COVID prevention easy for the kids to follow without impacting the fun experiences of a summer childhood. 
  • TWA is committed to outdoor cohorts for the kids in 2022 with optional face coverings at the parent's discretion if not in contradiction to a County Health Order. 
  • The recommended use of N95 or surgical masks for staff  will again be required by TWA in 2022 only while near children or near other staff or adults, even with a fully vaccinated staff.
  • It is also recommended that staff and camp families have access to testing and vaccinations before attendance at camps. 
  • Arrival and departure times are staggered to reduce contact. 
  • Parents will drive to the Express Drop-off/Pick-up Lane, and if safe, only the campers will exit the vehicle (via the right-side doors or hatchback only) to be received by their camp cohort staff directly. 
  • Your child's cohort staff will immediately provide each student a touchless temperature check and a dab of hand sanitizer. 
  • Students who are sick or have illness in the home may attend only after the family has self-quarantined for 10 days with no signs of illness in the household, or the current recommended quarantine time if vaccinated.  
  • Soap and water hand-scrubbing is supervised by adult camp staff before and after eating, plus as needed, and during the daily departure line-up. 
  • Students also have all-day access to foaming soap dispensers, wash water, and hand sanitizer. 
  • Staff will disinfect common surfaces with 1/2% hydrogen peroxide sprays (per CDC recommendation), and we use Lysol or diluted bleach sprays as is appropriate. 
  • Lunchtime, water breaks and snacking will require students to be sitting in designated spots, 6-feet from other students.
  • Big Kid campfire lunchtime is staggered in assigned groups of 4 around each campfire. 
  • Students often participate in activities 6-feet from adult staff unless the child needs assistance. 
  • Students will remain in the fresh open air. (We have no enclosed buildings unless your child builds one). The past TWO SUMMERS were not a problem for the kids and staff to follow the Santa Clara County Health Order. It was awesome!