April 1st (April Fool's Day) 2004, sounded like a good day to plant!  We planted 1000 lavender plants of 3 varieties and continue to offer Grosso, Grappenhall, and the culinary Hidcote. The plants bloom once a year, June-August, and it's simply magical!

During our harvest season we open our lavender fields to folks who want to come and cut their own lavender or learn how we cut, bundle and dry our lavender at Los Gatos Farms.

Our "U-cut" lavender is open during harvest season, July-early August. Email me,, and I'll be sure to notify you when it happens.  We hope to see you there!

‚Äč2018 Harvest Opportunity- JULY: We usually start at 10 am and go most of the day. Drop in when it works for you. But call if it's later to make sure we haven't finished! 408-771-6077. Fun easy process, sitting/standing around tables, bundling and tying bunches of lavender to be hung to dry. Bring whatever food/drink takes care of you and go home with some free lavender! RSVP please :)