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​ (408) 771-6077   i   P.O. Box 459  

Redwood Estates, CA 95044

We don't have an actual address, but you can use Google Maps (Apple directions won't work) and search for Los Gatos Farms DRIVE. That will bring you to our driveway entrance off of Hwy 17 South. Otherwise, here are some good directions:

From North of Los Gatos:
Take Hwy 17 South out of Los Gatos. After driving about 8 minutes you will see the Redwood Estates Exit…PASS it! Look for the huge retaining wall on your right…PASS it!  After this wall, there is a TURN OUT, the driveway to the ranch goes right out of that Turn Out. The Turn Out is BEFORE Summit Rd. (If you miss the Turn Out and get to Summit Rd, exit, get back on 17N, exit at Redwood Estates, get back on 17S and try again!)  Follow the paved drive back about 2 city blocks. It will turn to the left, but you stay going forward onto the gravel drive. You'll see the barn in front of you. There is parking along the right side of the driveway, or in front of the barn.

From Santa Cruz or Scotts Valley area:
Take Hwy 17 North and exit at the Redwood Estates exit. (This is the first exit after Summit not exit on Summit Road). After exiting, stay right, go under freeway overpass and get back on Hwy 17 South. Look for the huge retaining wall on your right...follow directions above.

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Although you'll find us to be some of the most welcoming folks you've ever met…please remember, LOS GATOS FARMS is not a public facility. We are a private ranch. So, be sure to contact us before coming. Thanks a lot!

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