Monthly board  $500 (shared area) or $600 (private) includes:

 * 12x12 stall with attached paddock area, 2 horse shared paddock with        cover.

 * Feeding up to 2 flakes twice a day with grass or alfalfa. Special diet         needs accommodated. (additional hay given with price adjustment).

 * Cleaning, once a day, 7 days a week (you provide shavings, if wanted).

 * Tack and feed room space.

 * Trailer parking availability.

 * Large fenced arena (with lights & jumps) with sand and rubber footing.

 * 60 ft. round pen and good riding trails.

 * Turnouts, lunging, training, blanketing and rehab are available by               arrangement.

* Onsite trainers or bring your own by arrangement.

 * FULL SIZED (70ft x 200ft) DRESSAGE ARENA! ‚Äč