​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​2019 SUMMER CAMP DATES 

​​TWA Wild Kids Horse & Nature Camp!  Ages 5 to 7 yrs

by Tribal Wisdom Academy at Los Gatos Farms  (Same 11 weeks as all other farm camps)

9am  -  3pm           Pay-in-Full or  Installment Plan

(Optional After-care until 5pm) 
5-day Mon-Fri $540, or 4-installment Plan $135/month.
or 4-day Mon-Thurs  $392, or 4-installment plan $98/month.
or 1-day Tuff Muddy & Tie-Dye Friday $148, or 4-installment plan $37/month.

Includes a horse ride! Come experience crazy fun outdoor adventures with friendly farm animals and professional Tribal Wisdom Academy Mentors! Your child will explore 30 acres of nature among the oaks and redwoods. Every day of the week offers a variety of fun activities including holding and hugging chickens, playing with baby goats and ponies, plus group games, nature hikes and daily take-home crafts! Campers will blaze their way through our private mountain forest ranch during scavenger hunts and creek walks. Kids will build forts and forest rope swings. Summer camp is a great way to make new friends and memories that will last a lifetime. This new 2019 camp (for ages 5 to 7) is now run by Tribal Wisdom Academy, and includes a younger-kid version of what parents see in our camp videos. Join us on this incredible summer camp experience at Los Gatos Farms!

TUFF MUDDY & TIE DYE FRIDAYS:   Ages 5 to 12 yrs.              
Fridays 9am to 3pm, 

$148, or 4-installment plan $37/month.       SIGN UP

We’ve combined some of the most favorite activities to ensure your child has a super fun Friday!  Our TUFF MUDDY OBSTACLE COURSE has it all…ramps, ropes, pools, puddles, hills, and slides!  You can bring your water soakers and we’ll have the water balloons! Don’t worry we’ll allow enough time to hose down and clean up before getting in the car to go home!  Campers should wear clothes and shoes that can get completely muddy…and extras to change into!

Who wants to TIE DYE?!!  Bring up to 3 items (sorry, no sheets) and use our beautiful bright dyes to create some amazing blends and patterns.  We can help with some cool tie dye tips, too! 

The day will also offer crazy fun TEAM BUILDING activities and wrap up with our always amazing skits and TALENT SHOW!!

                JUNE 7TH           JUNE 14TH            JUNE 21st                 JUNE 28TH                 JULY 12TH     

  JULY 19TH            JULY 26TH             AUG 2ND              AUG 9TH           AUG 16TH               AUG 23RD

TWA  ADVENTURE CAMPs!          Ages 8  to 12+ yrs 

by Tribal Wisdom Academy at Los Gatos Farms  (Same 11 weeks as all other farm camps)

9am  -  2:45pm  
See the TWA Camp Video & SIGN UP page

5-day Adventure Camp  Mon-Fridays  $540, , or 4-installment plan $135/month.
Pay-in-Full  or  Installment Plan
This 5-day camp includes the below 4-day Adventure Camp AND the below 1-day Blacksmithing Camp! PLUS we have alternating activity programs during odd and even numbered weeks, so attending two weeks is extra fun! Ben has NEW maker projects for 2019. 

4-day Adventure Camp  Mon-Thurs  $392, or 4-installment plan $98/month. 
Pay-in-Full  or  Installment Plan

Tribal Wisdom Academy Adventure Camps feature archery, tomahawks, blowguns, slacklines, ziplines, and Ninja Sciences. TWA Kids are makers! Campers are free to participate in our daily maker project or may invent their own projects as well. Our campers appreciate TWA's open space, raw materials, real tools, and the support of adult mentors. TWA Kids build forts and tree houses with hammers and nails in our wild forest AdventureLand. And see our above 5-day Camp option. Join us for another year of guiding kids in authentic childhood adventures. 

1-day Friday Blacksmithing Camp  $148, or 4-installment plan $37/month. 
Pay-in-Full or  Installment Plan
During Friday Camps we feature a fun day at the TWA Adventure Camp as described above, plus age-appropriate levels of blacksmithing. This year we have softer metals for ages 8 and 9, and hot iron if you can handle the big hammers!

Mentor-in-Training Camp  Mon-Fridays  $540, or 4-installment plan $135/month. 
Pay-in-Full  or  Installment Plan
The M.I.T. work/leadership training camp is for younger teens, age 12 to 16, who have already attended TWA programs anytime during the past 4 years, (or who attend one week during the current summer as a regular camper before doing an MIT week). Your teen will be assigned to our adult Mentors who train teens in leadership and job skills. Parents may choose any week of the summer. No application is needed, although if your teen has difficulty with his/her leadership responsibilities, he/she can simply continue the week as a regular camper, (very fun too). MIT hours are 9am to 2:45pm, Monday to Friday. Leadership School cost is $540. Choose one or more of the 11 weeks! The limit is only 3 MIT Mentorships per week. 

Equestrian Art Farm Camp         Ages 8-13​ yrs.
9am to 3pm                                                     
                           SIGN UP
Mon - Thurs   =   $392  (or 4 installments of $98/month)          

Add FRIDAY   =   $594   (or 4 installments of $135/month)                            

Do your kids just want to be with animals…especially horses?  Do they like being creative and exploring new territory with friends?  This is the camp they will love!

The Art of Horsemanship -  Being an equestrian artist is about a lot more than just riding a horse. It’s about understanding how a horse thinks, learning how they move and communicate and building trust by speaking their language.  Activities include: “Catching”/haltering, grooming/care, leading/handling, working at liberty in the round pen.
 (Sign up for riding lessons if available!)

The Art of Expression - Inspired from their connection with our horses, farm animals, and natural forest setting, campers can express themselves artistically, choosing from a plethora of artistic mediums to create petroglyphs, totem poles, murals, paintings, pottery, and more!

The Art of Play- Campers will have a blast with their friends during treasure hunts, group games, ice cream making and waterfall hikes! 

Add Friday’s Fun Day!  Activities will include: Tuff Muddy, Tie Dye, Team Building, and Talent show!!

HORSEBACK RIDING LESSONS:  8+ years​              SIGN UP         

​Schedule your child’s 1 hour riding lesson(s) during their (5 full days) camp week and you pay only $60 per lesson!  Camp staff will ensure your child gets to and from their riding lesson on time!

COUNSELOR IN TRAINING CAMP      11+ yrs.      

MON-FRI  9am - 3pm  $593, or 4-installment plan $149/month.        

While experiencing all the fun of camp, participants will learn the "how to" of our summer camps, gaining the skills and confidence it takes to be a camp counselor extraordinaire! Through interactive discussion and engaging activities, campers will explore the proven concepts of becoming exceptional leaders: communication, accepting 100% responsibility, building trust and respect, managing emotions, and inspiring imagination! On Friday, we will provide a safe, fun, and exciting camp for local youth from our community outreach program.  C.I.T. campers sign up for one of these C.I.T. training weeks AND one (or more!) additinonal Friday, volunteering at the Tuff Muddy & Tie Dye Camp* (see dates above.)

*Volunteer hours available helping at the barn with horses and riding lessons! 

Certificates and a minimum of 12 Community Service Hours will be earned after completion.

        June 24 - 28  (plus 1 Friday (or more) you choose from the Tuff Muddy & Tie Dye Camp

        July  15 - 19  (plus 1 Friday (or more) you choose from the Tuff Muddy & Tie Dye Camp


Email Toni Kent at


or by phone at 408-771-6077


" We believe the more a child experiences nature, cares for animals, and expresses themselves artistically, the more they  will connect  to others in a deeper Soulful way.  This Connection fosters empathic understanding and affirms the Knowing that as we are uniquely ourselves, ultimately... we are all One. "