June 26-30​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​2017 SUMMER CAMPs!

Discovery Kids Horse Adventure Camp!  Ages 5-7 yrs

$450 by check, or $464 by PayPal, or 4 easy payments of $116.  SIGN UP
MON - FRI  9am - 3pm (After Care available! Please request.)      

Come experience our crazy fun outdoor adventures and friendly farm animals!  Your child will explore 30 acres of nature among the redwoods and have the opportunity to ride, play, create, and imagine! Every day of the week offers a variety of fun and exciting activities including horseback riding, vaulting, & animal care! Group games and nature hikes!
Toy archery and sling shots!  Skits, songs, and a barn dance! Crafts and s’mores!

Campers will  blaze their way through the mountains during scavenger hunts, obstacle courses, creek walks, rope swings, and boulder scrambling!  Summer camp is a great way to make new friends and memories that will last a life time. Don't let your child miss out on this  incredible  time of farm life and its surrounding nature.

                           June 12-16       June 19-23      June 26-30       July 10-14        July 17-21 

                                                 July 24-28        July 31-Aug 4         Aug 7-11

TWA  ADVENTURE CAMPs!  Ages 8-12 yrs & TEENS 12-15 YRS

by Tribal Wisdom Academy at Los Gatos Farms  See the Camp Video & SIGN UP page

4-day Adventure Camp  $392.   MON - THURS, 9am-2:45pm.
​Tribal Wisdom Academy Adventure Camps feature archery, tomahawks, blowguns, slacklines, ziplines, and Ninja Sciences. TWA Kids are makers! Campers are free to participate in our daily maker project or may invent their own projects as well. Our campers appreciate TWA's open space, raw materials, real tools, and the support of adult mentors. TWA Kids build forts and tree houses with hammers and nails in our wild forest Adventureland. And see our below 5-day Camp option. Join us for another year of guiding kids in authentic childhood adventures. 

1-day Friday Survival Skill Camp  $148.  FRIDAY 9am-2:45pm.  DETAILS
During Friday Camps we feature a fun day at the TWA Adventure Camp as described above, plus alternating choices of blacksmithing, flintknapping, fire-by-friction and bow carving. 

5-day Adventure Camp  $540.  MON - FRI  9am-2:45pm.
Get the above 4-day Adventure Camp AND the above 1-day Survival Camp! Currently there are only 5 weeks left with just several spots. We have alternating activity programs during odd and even numbered weeks, so attending two weeks is extra fun! Only 24 kids per week!  
See the Camp Video & SIGN UP page

Mentor-in-Training Camp  $392.   MON - FRI  8:40am-3:05pm.
Enthused teens ages 12 to 15 can become MIT's by booking ANY ONE of the above 5-day Adventure Camp weeks (at the 4-day cost). The limit is only 3 MIT’s per week!  Register 

TWA HALF-DAY Adventure Camp $280.  MON - FRI  
​Does your child (age 7-12) need adventure at Los Gatos Farms for HALF a day? Sign up now for Monday through Friday 9am-noon, or Noon-3pm. The afternoon sessions provides a campfire for your child to cook hotdogs or whatever lunch that you pack. Get all of the fun stuff above for HALF the price! Sign up

  June 26-30          July 10-14          July 17-21     July 24-28        July 31-Aug 4        Aug 7-11     


$399 by check, or $412 by PayPal, or 4 easy payments of $103.     SIGN UP
MON - FRI  8:30am - 12:00 noon (sign up for ART or TWA HALF-DAY Camp in the afternoon)  

 Campers will receive expert riding and horsemanship training throughout the week, working at their current skill level. This allows each camper to progress at their own pace, becoming the equestrian artist they strive to be! Working with their own horse each day, campers will care for ALL of the horse, as well as learn or expand horse handling abilities and riding technique in dressage, jumping, team riding, and trail riding. We'll film the show on Friday and create a special video of your child to watch and share with friends and family! 

                         If you have a horse crazy kid…this is the camp they will LOVE!​

     ( June 19 - 23 FULL)      (June 26 - 30 FULL)        (July 10 - 14 FULL )      (July 17 - 21 FULL)

                                                             (July 24 - 28 FULL)          (July 31 - Aug 4 FULL)          (Aug 7 - 11 FULL)      



$399 by check, or $412 by PayPal, or 4 easy payments of $103     SIGN UP

MON - FRI 12:00 noon  to 3:30pm  (sign up for TWA HALF-DAY Camp in the morning!)

Each day campers will experience the "world of horses" with activities of riding lessons, learning and practicing horsemanship skills, bareback riding, and round pen exercises. Creative projects specific to THE HORSE will deepen their  knowledge and expand their expression of their own equestrian artistry! Ahhhhhh HORSES!"

               June 19 - 23                July 10 - 14              July 17 - 31

                        July 24 - 28                    July 31- Aug 4                  Aug 7 - 11

NoT yoUr NorMaL​ ART CAMP!  Ages 7+ yrs
$299 by check, or $308 by PayPal, or 4 easy payments of $77.     
12:00 noon - 3:30pm  (Sign up for ALL HORSE or TWA HALF-DAY Camp in the morning!)​ 

Art is a creative disciplined chaos...unleashing the magic of inventive ideas and solutions!
These are some of the 
NoT yoUr NorMaL 
ART projects that will occur each week of camp:
Sculpture – Build an armature (skeleton) to support the clay/medium that will cover it.
Slab/Coil pottery –hand build bowls, plates or cups, then fire them in the ancient “raku” process using banana/orange peels among other items to create a brilliant finish.
Painting – Fill an entire canvas with a self, pet, or favorite animal portrait.
Photography – obtain the “photographer’s eye”.   See new perspectives by going high, down low and in between.
Poetry –watch horses in the arena, then write one word “descriptives”.  Later, develop poems in haiku, free verse, and  limerick to form the shape of a horse.
Jewelry Making – Invent jewelry from repurposed leather.  Up-cycled horse tack has a whole new life as a bracelet, necklace or belt.

Today’s devices can take over our creative process.  We walk around viewing beauty and art on a screen and forget to look up to see the beauty that is right in front of us. 

In  NoT yoUr NorMaL ART CAMP  we will be looking up!  

Professional artist,  JEN RAYNES is the director of NoT yoUr NorMaL 
ART CAMP!   Jen is trained in Waldorf teaching methods and has taught art in our local schools and private studios in California and Arizona.  “I look forward to helping your child unleash their artistic ingenuity!” 

                 June 12 -16         June 19 - 23       June 26 - 30     July 10 - 14       July 17 - 21
                                         July 24 - 28           July 31 - Aug 4        Aug  7 - 11


Level 1     (12 yrs old +)   

$890 by check, or $916 by PayPal, or 4 easy payments of $229.    SIGN UP
MON-FRI  9am - 3pm

While experiencing all the fun of camp, participants will learn the "how to" of our summer camps, gaining the skills and confidence it takes to be a camp counselor extraordinaire! Through interactive discussion and engaging activities, campers will explore the proven concepts of becoming exceptional leaders: communication, accepting 100% responsibility, building trust and respect, managing emotions, and inspiring imagination! On Friday, we will provide a safe, fun, and exciting camp for 12 local youth from our community outreach program.  C.I.T. campers sign up for one of these C.I.T. training weeks AND one week helping at a DISCOVERY KIDS Camp (see dates above) C.I.T. Certificates and 30 Community Service Hours will be earned after completion of the 2 weeks!

            June 19-23 (plus a week you choose from the DISCOVERY KIDS Camp) 

July 17-21 (plus a week you choose from the DISCOVERY KIDS Camp)  

C.I.T. Serve!  (For those who have completed CIT Level 1)

​$890 by check, or $916 by PayPal, or 4 easy payments of $229.  SIGN UP
MON - FRI  9am-3pm

 We will be putting our Level 1 experience into play, planning and providing two safe, fun, and exciting days of camp for 24 local youth from our community outreach program. We’ll have a fun and productive day of ranch projects and special training available in horsemanship skills and ranch animal husbandry. AND we’ll end the week with an incredible teambuilding trip to a local high ropes course!  Campers sign up for this one C.I.T. week and one week helping at a DISCOVERY KIDS Camp (see dates above) C.I.T. Certificates and 54 Community Service Hours will be earned after completion of the 2 weeks.  

JULY 17-21 (plus a week you choose from the DISCOVERY KIDS Camp)


$995 by check, or $1024 by PayPal, or 4 easy payments of $256.   SIGN UP
Mon-Fri  9am to 4pm

 This is the camp designed for ADVANCED RIDERS ONLY (must be comfortable jumping 2ft). Riders learn about equine anatomy by painting a skeleton on a horse, about dressage by designing their own freestyle patterns to music, about jumping by developing courses and grids to solve problems that they experience in their own riding. This is our horse “braniac” camp, with trainer Kate Little. Come for loads of advanced learning and professional riding instruction. Become part of our elite group of young equestrians…all of your horse dreams CAN come true with the right training! 

 June 12 - 16


Email Toni Kent at


or by phone at 408-771-6077