Sundays   Noon to 2pm

Mondays   3:30-5:30 pm


Wednesdays  6:00-8:00 pm

Fridays  9:30-11:30 am

Sign up for single or multiple sessions

$100 per session

* Gift Certificates Available *


Group Lessons


 At Saddle Club, you will meet friends who love horses as much as you do!  Participants become better equestrians...refining riding skills with a group lesson in the arena and practicing basic horsemanship skills while ground handling, bareback riding, and learning about  tack and equipment. 

If you want to get good at something…you need to spend time at it. Saddle Club is your opportunity to build your equestrian skills while hanging with your horse friends!

For details and information about Saddle Club or other programs at     Los Gatos Farms, contact TONI KENT at 408-771-6077 or email us at info@losgatosfarms.com.