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There’s a bunch of things we don’t know about Charley…like, how old he is, or exactly where he came from…or the trouble he’s seen. We do know he was at Garrod Farms in Saratoga, for over 12 years, working hard as one of their western riding lesson horses, and giving trail rides on their rental string. And before that, he was packing supplies somewhere in Mexico. When he got cancer in one of his eyes, Garrod Farms called us to see if we may be able to help him out. We could, and did, and he’s been helping us out ever since. He has just one eye now, and the sight in that one is getting dim. His hearing isn’t as great as it used to be either. But, wow he is an inspiration as he trots freely around the farm visiting Danae, his big beautiful chestnut girlfriend, and the mini-donkeys, reviving memories of his pack animal friends from the past. He’s still a nice gentle ride with someone who can steer him in the right direction, and somewhere between trotting and loping he has a special gait we call the Charley Shuffle. He loves being groomed and made over…that’s how he got his nick name, Handsome! Charley is waiting for his very own person or two.

Charley Brown’s PERFECT MATCHES would be a beginner adult or youth or a parent/child team.  Pick a certain number of days a week that work for you to come to the ranch. Plan on staying at least an hour…or bring a lunch and spend the day!  During your time with Charley, you would love him up and groom him really good.  He will work with you on your horsemanship skills…like haltering and leading and tacking up and riding. LGF staff will help out too!

2 days a week = $100 per month
(1 day on the weekend, and 1 day during the week)
3 days a week = $125 per month 
(1 day on the weekend, and 2 days during the week)

For details and information about fostering Charley Brown or another horse at     Los Gatos Farms, contact TONI KENT at 408-771-6077 or email us at


Toni Kent and Charley